Reserves that Never End

In an earlier post I told you about how it came to be that I learned to love "unconditionally". I credit my son, who while battling his substance abuse disorder, challenged every way that I or anyone could find to love him. I accepted the challenge and with every way he thought he became un-lovable, we showed … Continue reading Reserves that Never End



I was in a state of equilibrium. Then the pendulum swung. It swung so far into the darkness There it had seemed to stop. Dark began to settle in, to make itself the norm. But, I would not stay willingly. And so, the pendulum again swung. Its making its way back slowly. Back and forth … Continue reading Pendulum


I miss their hoodies. I used to wear them all the time. Girl ones and boy ones; Usually grey. I treated their shirts as if "what's yours is mine" I'd wear them around the house because I loved their smell. When they got too old for snuggles the sleeves of their shirts felt like a … Continue reading Hoodies