My name is Veronica. I lost my son to a heroin overdose December 30, 2016


Michael was my first-born and my first love. His deep brown eyes could melt the sun.  He had a smile that could light up a room. I don’t know how but, he could hide unimaginable pain behind that smile.

Heroin took his life. But it will never take the memories and the joy that he brought to my life. I loved being his mother. When he began to struggle with addiction I didn’t know what to do. I had no one to turn to for support. No one to understand.

With Michael’s death a new purpose has come into my life. I don’t want other families, mothers especially, to feel like I did. Right now the only thing I can do is share my stories and hope I can help someone.  Writing is helping me as I learn to live with this grief.  It’s also a way to share his life and his story.

Why is my grief good? Because there can’t be such great grief where there was no great love.

Grief is the process I will go through, the journey through the new norm. There is the before and there is the after. One is gone and one will never be the same.