I was in a state of equilibrium.

Then the pendulum swung. It swung so far into the darkness There it had seemed to stop.

Dark began to settle in, to make itself the norm.

But, I would not stay willingly. And so, the pendulum again swung.

Its making its way back slowly. Back and forth through the light and the black.

I have a new mission to work for so into the light I must go. This pendulum is slow in keeping its time though.

I will find my equilibrium. It will not be a place of rest. Instead a mission field where I will do my best. To help another mother when her pendulum has swung.

I am the pendulum, like a censor I swing. Back and forth leaving fragrance of faith and hope and love.

Once I was still. When death came I swung. I am the pendulum; now my movement has begun.


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