Forever Young

I’d bet I’m not the only mother who has ever looked at her brood and imagined them as they pass through the seasons of their lives. 

I’ve envisioned their faces, imagined the sounds of little boys grown into men and a girl, turned woman. What kind of men would they grow up to be? Would the girl in the middle always look after her brothers?

As the years passed would they be best friends? I’d hoped that they would be. I hoped that they’d always be their for each other. Now I know that on each special occasion, two adult children will be missing a brother.

I will never see in person what I saw in my mind. Not only because one had to leave us too soon. But, because even when I look now, everyone in their twenties, I still see dirty faces and little round bellies. 

Maybe, that’s one of the gifts of motherhood. Life goes forward and time marches on but we get to see them, forever young. 


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