I don’t know where you came from or who invited you but, I wish that you had eyes to see what you’re putting us through.

Families are forever broken when you come on the scene. Promises made are now just painful memories.

Your power can’t be denied. That I know too well. You are enough to make so many lives a living hell.

We watch as you change the ones we love so much. Rage and separation are the price we have to pay. But, you don’t care to know the people they once were.

Smiling faces, joyful noise you take it all for granted. Well we didn’t ask you in our lives. You broke in on our dances.

The dance of lives that you cut short all to make a dollar. This wasn’t the way it was meant to be. They’re lives worth so much more.

I’ve seen you take the light from so many beautiful eyes. They looked to you for comfort and you sold them a bed of lies.

Why can’t  you say “no” when babies knock upon your door. Don’t you care that their lives had purpose? Now they are no more.

Look what you’ve done to us. Look what you’ve done to me. I didn’t know how to fight an enemy I couldn’t see.

You take their lives granted. Maybe you didn’t see. No, you see but just don’t care as long as you’re winning the fight. You travel through their veins. A ruthless escort to the light.

Well, you might have won this battle but you made an enemy. The day you took my son you woke a warrior within me.

I’m getting ready slowly. Get ready, I will come. You’ll pay the price for taking my precious first born son.


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