Can’t Break a Broken Heart

I notice everything. I’m a noticer. So, when I walk into a room and all of a sudden people seem ill at ease sharing stories of their children; I notice. When someone around me is experiencing a loss, stressful situation or some kind of emotional event in their lives and they avoid talking about it … Continue reading Can’t Break a Broken Heart


My Garden

Spring is finally here and I realized today that I have joined a separate group of people. I'll call us "The Cemetery Gardening Club". I never knew this group of people existed. I wouldn't have wanted to join anyway.  I didn't have a choice. Membership comes without warning and with tremendously painful dues. I am really … Continue reading My Garden


Maybe it’s the way that the sun keeps rising and the way the moon comes out every night that gives us the impression that time is infinite. The ocean tides do their thing round the clock, tides rising and receding not needing us to do anything. Mountains become lush and green in the spring and … Continue reading Time