The Will

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I feel I should explain why I went away. In the past, usually if I shared a post it was because I had “worked through” something. I had thought about it, talked about it, and if I could and on some level had grown through it. Learned … Continue reading The Will



In medicine a "stigma" is a mark upon the skin. Characteristic of a disease. What does the mark of addiction look like though? I've never been able to identify someone struggling with a past or present addiction just by looking at their face. I look at photos of people lost to addiction and I see … Continue reading Marked?


My little family will never be the same. There will always be some level of sadness when we say his name. It's not fair that his brother and sister will miss all of the ways that growing older with all of your siblings is a special kind of magic. Childhood stories are always told best when … Continue reading Sad

Say It

They won't be interested in what you say. Say it anyway. They'll make you feel it may be your fault. Let that guilt fall to the floor. They will try to turn you away. Stand your ground. This is how you love broken people You do it regardless of what you get back. I can't … Continue reading Say It

My Garden

Spring is finally here and I realized today that I have joined a separate group of people. I'll call us "The Cemetery Gardening Club". I never knew this group of people existed. I wouldn't have wanted to join anyway.  I didn't have a choice. Membership comes without warning and with tremendously painful dues. I am really … Continue reading My Garden


Maybe it’s the way that the sun keeps rising and the way the moon comes out every night that gives us the impression that time is infinite. The ocean tides do their thing round the clock, tides rising and receding not needing us to do anything. Mountains become lush and green in the spring and … Continue reading Time